B I Synergy Ltd

People & Systems working in synergy for better Business Information


Welcome to the homepage of B I Synergy Limited.

This website is under construction but in brief, here is what we do…

We aim to help businesses improve results by facilitating access to better business information—assisting management teams to make better decisions, more efficiently.

The principal, Sue Henderson, is a certified professional in systems such as the MYOB suite of business software, Ostendo Operational Software and Alchemex Business Intelligence software.

These three packages work in harmony to answer all your business information needs.   MYOB being the core general ledger, Ostendo handling the costing, sales and stock control and integrating to MYOB, and finally Alchemex which pulls the information from MYOB and Ostendo into useful management reports run at the push of a button. 

We are able to provided assistance in any or all of these systems.

We also assist businesses with formalising office procedures by creating specific procedure manuals for all tasks performed by the Finance team—ensuring the business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Contact Sue via email or telephone to discuss your business information needs today.


17B Galway Avenue


New Zealand

To contact us:

Phone: 064-07-8561673

Fax: 064 - 07-8561 679

E-mail: sue@bisynergy.co.nz